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My mission is to support your fitness through a holistic approach. Cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength training, proper nutrition, and mind/body connection are all integral for lifelong health.


My vision is to educate, motivate and coach you to reach and exceed your personal fitness goals.


My philosophy is understanding your goals, interests, strengths and limitations and then developing a well rounded program suited only for you. I hope to make fitness fun and interesting so it becomes not something “you have to do,” but instead something “you are excited to do.”


You’ll feel safe and comfortable to explore your fitness needs in my private home studio.

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Personal Training

One-on-one training is the ultimate in suiting exercise to your own needs. It is appropriate for those who:
  • have specific health concerns that are difficult to address in a group setting.
  • need a jumpstart to a new fitness regime that addresses your individual needs and goals.
  • require assistance in holding yourself accountable.
  • desire a private setting and personal instruction to work out.


While all yoga supports you physically, mentally, and spiritually, the private class is great for those who:
  • have individual injuries or health concerns.
  • strive to work towards a specific goal.
  • need extra help as a beginner yogi.
  • desire to go more in depth as a seasoned yogi.
  • trained in Thai Yoga Massage for those seeking assisted stretching.

Small Group Training

This program is big enough to be fun, but small enough to still be quality. This program is for those seeking:
  • to train with friends who have a common goal.
  • smaller, intimate class size for more individualized attention.
  • a way to take advantage of my training expertise at a lower financial investment.

Swim Training

Swimming is a superb non-impact activity that can greatly increase cardiovascular health. This is for those who love to swim but:
  • need help getting started swimming laps for fitness.
  • would love help with technique to be more efficient in the water.

Group Training Workouts


6 Round Explosion

WU: Tabata Squats w/Leg Stretches Plank w/Arm Stretches Rest is Residual of Activity 6X1min: 10 (Jump) Lunges w/ 10 Frogs or deep squats 6X1min: 40s Work; 20s Recovery Man Ups…


Complex Heaven!

Week of April 4: Core Complex: 30s X4 30s Seated Push & Hold 30s plank hold w/foot raises 30s V-Sit Upper Body: 30s X4 TRX Power Row RB Tricep Pulses…


One Minute Circuit Flow

Week of March 28 KB Core WU: Halos, Squat w/Figure 8, Seated Figure 8 1 min. X2: Set 1: TRX Straight Arm Pulldown Bent Over Row Uneven Plank Squat w/Lat…